Partners & Clients

The Lucy Project
The Lucy Project advocates for children who struggle to read and provides full and fair access to evidence-based literacy intervention.

The South Florida Foraging and Gardening Collective

SFFGC educates and provides targeted communities with knowledge of locally foraged wild and cultivated edible and medicinal plants.

Center for Subtropical Affairs

The Center for Subtropical Affairs is an ecological learning center in Little River that provides jobs and career training in sustainable development to the community. They work with students of all ages to advance environmental education, resource conservation, and overall environmental health. CSTA pairs environmental education with cultural arts programming to make science accessible and engaging for all.
Mino Learning Lab, Inc.
The Mino Learning Lab supports spaces for stakeholders to learn, grow, and disrupt inequitable systems together through community engagement and education

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Miami Workers Center

The Miami Workers Center is a frontline strategy and action center building the power and self-determination of oppressed people in South Florida by amplifying the demands and developing the leadership of Black and brown women workers, tenants, and families. We employ an intersectional approach to our organizing, linking gender, race, and class in our analysis and in all of our programs.

Struggle for Miami's Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH)

SMASH’s mission is the creation of a Community Land Trust that will adequately address the needs of inner-city Miami residents affected by the symptoms of gentrification (slumlords, rising rents, lack of community control), and that is shaped, developed, and implemented by those same residents.

Conservation Concepts LLC

Conservation Concepts is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting and advocacy firm that offers strategies and provides the highest level of service to our clients in order to promote sustainability, transform policies, raise campaigns,  grow movements and strengthen coalitions.  It is with strategic input and guidance that we will help shape conservation in South Florida.

Florida Housing Justice Alliance

The Florida Housing Justice Alliance is a movement of renters, mobile homeowners, people experiencing homelessness, advocates, and allies calling for housing justice. We are coming together to protect renters, promote community stabilization, and ensure healthy, affordable housing for all. The Florida Housing Justice Alliance members include Miami Workers Center, Community Justice Project, MHAction, Organize FL, SEIU FL, New Florida Majority, Family Action Network Movement (FANM), Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing (SMASH), FL Student Power, Catalyst Miami and more.

Catalyst Miami

Founded in 1996, Catalyst Miami’s mission is to identify and collectively solve issues adversely affecting low-wealth communities throughout Miami-Dade County. We help ensure that families’ basic needs are met, provide coaching and tools to establish long-term wellness, and create effective coalitions of change-makers. Our vision is a just and equitable society in which all communities thrive.

The Women's Fund

The Women's Fund creates change for women and girls through advocacy, investment, and collective impact based on their four pillars: freedom from violence, leadership, health and well-being, and economic mobility.

Solar Energy Loan Fund

SELFs mission is to rebuild and empower underserved communities by providing access to affordable and innovative financing for sustainable property improvements, with the primary focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate resilience in low- and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. We strive to create positive social, economic, and environmental impacts by helping people improve the health, safety, and quality of life in their homes while reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

University of Miami
Environmental Justice Clinic
The Environmental Justice Clinic (EJC) advocates for and seeks to empower low-and moderate-income communities who disproportionately bear the environmental, economic, and health burdens of the development, implementation, and enforcement of the law. Their work sits at the intersection of civil rights, environmental, poverty, and public health law, tackling issues in South Florida including climate change, displacement, contamination, environmental health, municipal equity, and more.
Miami Climate Alliance
As a coalition of organizations and individuals working to prioritize climate justice, mitigation, sustainability, and resilience in South Florida, the Miami Climate Alliance promotes a community that supports the well-being and prospects of all its current and future members. P.E.E.R. Group currently participates in MCA working groups on Clean Energy and Resilient Miami. The Clean Energy Working Group pushes for the adoption of renewable energy solutions for low-income and working class Miamians, including advocacy for weatherization jobs programs, access to solar power, and using modern energy technology to increase disaster resilience for Miami’s underserved communities. The Resilient Miami Working Group increases accountability and community input regarding government funding for development and infrastructure projects in Miami; includes advocacy for prioritizing low-income and working class communities’ needs and voices within climate resilience adaptation efforts.