Housing Justice

As part of our Sustainable Community Development Program, we work with various community members and partners to advance housing as a human right, meaning access to safe, sustainable, and deeply affordable housing.

See a sample of our work below.
We sit on the SMASH House of Justice Policy Committee to help spread and implement a shared vision of housing justice.

We are members of the Public Land for Public Good Coalition to ensure vacant or underutilized publicly-owned land addresses housing affordability and is developed "equitably, sustainably and in the best interest of Miami-Dade County residents."
We are looking at the public health impacts due to forced displacement and climate gentrification.
We are helping the Environmental Justice Clinic develop a Resource Guide and Online Community Platform to assess risk of and mitigation tools to combat forced displacement.
We offer direct legal services to advocate for and expand equitable weatherization.
We are part of a coalition of community members who organized a Peoples' Tribunal on Climate and Social Justice.