Equitable Weatherization Clinic

We connect communities to 
weatherization resources

We are a sliding scale, direct legal services clinic within P.E.E.R. Group that aims to remedy the unequal and inequitable access to weatherization. We can:
  • Connect you with resources to fund and install weatherization projects such as energy efficient appliances, mold remediation, home repairs.
  • Advocate for more spending on equitable weatherization.
  • Develop weatherization programs/Audit existing ones.
  • Review and explain applications and contracts for applicable programs.
  • Assist with navigation of permitting processes.

Our Vision of Equitable Weatherization

Weatherization is typically viewed as a mechanism for protecting a building and its interior from the elements. However, equitable weatherization also focuses on creating inclusive and sustainable spaces so that disinvested communities can feel safe and healthy in their housing. Not only can weatherization protect in the event of a disaster and reduce utility costs, but there are also numerous health benefits associated with weatherization, including reduced asthma due to improved indoor air quality. Weatherization can also mitigate local carbon emissions, which helps alleviate the harshest consequences of global warming that are already disproportionately impacting communities along racial and socioeconomic lines. Moreover, there is enormous demand from some communities, especially renters, to weatherize NOAH (Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing) and other forms of affordable housing, as weatherization preserves affordability.

Benefits of Weatherization

Energy Savings: Weatherization can provide homes with improved energy efficiency. The average home in the federal Weatherization Assistance Program saved $283 on energy expenses annually. 

Water Savings: Weatherization can also improve home water efficiency, lowering annual water bills.

Health Benefits: Home weatherization can lead to health improvements.This includes alleviation of asthma symptoms, fewer cases of hypertension and upper respiratory risks, improvements in indoor air quality contaminants, and general physical and mental health benefits.

Preserving affordable housing: Equitable weatherization improves housing structures overall and thus preserves naturally-occuring affordable housing.

Community Partners

Catalyst Miami

Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF)

University of Miami
School of Law
Environmental Justice Clinic

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