Community Resources

Building thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities happens through intersectional evidence-based  advocacy and shared community resources.

The PEER Library is a growing collection of community publications, research articles, and legal scholarship that has guided our work.
Below are resources developed by P.E.E.R. Group directly or in direct collaboration with community partners. They can also be found in our Library.

Equitable Weatherization Brochure

What is equitable weatherization? How does it mitigate carbon emissions and contribute to community sustainability? Find out in our informational brochure on the Equitable Weatherization Clinic. Schedule a consult today.

Brochure Designed by Megan Hennings.

Sustainable Futures

Policy paper developed to help guide waste management transition to a circular economy with a focus on single-stream recycling for Miami-Dade County.

Housing Justice in the Face of Climate Change

Various community partners came together in 2019 to create this vision for equitable housing in South Florida. Staff attorney Theresa Pinto, then a 3L las student, helped to formulate it.