Community Sustainability

Thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities that put vulnerable populations and the environment first.
In partnership with communities and clients, we develop evidence-based policies rooted in equity, resilience, and sustainability.
Sustainable Community Development
We work with community partners to advance sustainable development and municipal equity. We coordinate anti-displacement work, community-cooperative research,  and together, build policies for sustainability in Miami-Dade County.
Equitable Weatherization
We assist economically marginalized households access existing weatherization programs. Th clinic includes wraparound legal services to address any barriers to equitable weatherization. Evidence shows weatherization has many benefits, but is also out of reach for many households.
Just Transition Community Lawyering
We advocate for systemic change through a community lawyering approach for implementation of policies addressing climate and energy justice, and harmful externalities of the linear extraction economy
Litigate to Empower
We provide litigation support to nonprofits and private law firms, empowering the community through our community impact litigation approach. 
General Counsel Services
We offer general counsel services to nonprofits and other entities that otherwise would not qualify for free legal services but whose visions and missions align with sustainable community economic development.
Educational Justice
Our educational environmental justice program introduces and expands upon a mutually developed project which centers on sustainability and advances equity of historically marginalized communities.
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